Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pony Baseball?

Old Scottsdale Youth Baseball (OSYB) is a Pony recreational league run by volunteers in our area.  Read about Pony baseball on

When are practices and games?

During the Fall and Spring seasons we will have two to three activities per week. Two activities during the week and one on Saturday morning. Our fields are irrigated every other weekend so home games happen on non-irrigation and on irrigation weekends we try to schedule away games with other Pony leagues (Mustang, Bronco, and Pony).

During the week practices and games will be between 5pm and 9pm depending on age and division. For Shetland and Pinto, games start at 5-5:30 (depending on sunset). Mustang games start at 5:15pm and Bronco games are 7pm on weeknights. Times vary for all Saturday games. Pony games are almost exclusivly on the weekends starting 9am. There will typically be more practices in the beginning of the season and then transition to more games as the season concludes. Actual days of practice will be determined by your coach's availability and number of teams for each division.

Can Girls Play at OSYB?

We’ve had many girls play at OSYB from 4-14 years old.

What are the age ranges for OSYB?

See our Division Page for details on each

A player’s league age is determined by their age on April 30th of the current year.  Players in their first year of eligibility for a division (e.g. 7 year old for Pinto) must have approval of the division director to “play-up.”

When does the season start and when does it end?

Fall baseball starts at the beginning of September and ends right before Thanksgiving.  Spring baseball starts at the beginning of February and ends the week before Memorial Day.

Is there a tournament at the end of the season?

Tournaments are typically held for the Pinto, Mustang and Bronco Divisions depending on number of teams and coaches discretion at the end of the Spring Season.  We do not hold tournaments for the Fall Season.

Does the registration include the child's team t-shirt, hat, or anything else?

The league provides all players with a uniform shirt and hat.  Trophies are also provided for the spring season. Your registration also includes the rental of our baseball fields, maintenance, umpires, and lighting.

What equipment should we purchase for the child? cleats, baseball pants, glove, bat, etc.?

Players will need to provide their own baseball glove and any additional equipment or uniform items.  Baseball pants and cleats are not required for the Shetland division.  OSYB has an equipment recycling program and parents are encouraged to donate used equipment that can be shared with younger players.

What are the boundaries for your league?

OSYB plays Pony Baseball and our boundaries are:

  • Loop 101 on the East

  • Shea Blvd on the North

  • McKellips on the South

  • 40th St on the West

If you are interested in playing at OSYB and live outside our boundaries, please contact us and we can determine if you qualify for a waiver.

Can my child “play-up”?

Playing up requires a waiver from the division directory of the division you wish to join. Contact for information on how to proceed and express your interest in playing up.

How can I help?

OSYB is a non-profit run solely by Volunteers and we need your help! Please join us at our monthly board meetings to see where we need help. We are always looking for coaches and more hands to help keep our organization running strong. Visit our Volunteers page to see vacant positions. Contact our OSYB president here at